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Why I do what I do? Easy. I've seen so many pieces of "professional" copy with grammar, syntax or even spelling that's downright cringe-worthy, and I'm here to make sure yours is not one of them. For some background, I'll paraphrase Andrew Clements: like all writers, first I was a reader. Since age four, I've devoured whatever literature I got a hold of, and my familiarity with the nuances of the English language puts me in the position you're looking for. Because as a reader and then a writer, I've got a high vocabulary. I know grammar. I can help with word choice and sentence variety, sprucing up your writing without making it sound cliched or impersonal. I'll proofread and polish, so that your quality work can shine.


I'll Proofread Your Piece

Yup, I know what I'm doing. Grammar, sentence structure, syntax, spelling - I check for overall coherence and polish your writing so you can sound like the articulate person you are... deep down ;)

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Writing poems is my passion. Limericks, ballads, free verse... it's an art, and I've perfected it. Have a look.


Poems For Every Occasion

Roses are red, violets are blue. Ask me to write up a poem just for you! Complimentary for first-time clients.

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Yes, you read that right: I'll do the dirty work. Promotional, informative, helpful and entertaining blog posts - just click "buy", and watch the magic happen. 


What You Need To Hear Right Now

Inspirational. Motivational. An engaging and empowering piece that keeps readers coming back for more. [KIDDING!!!] Are you looking for creative? Refreshing? Different? 'Cuz... that sentence was about as cliched as it gets. You don't want that fluffy piece. You do want me writing your next blog post.

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Just give me the specs. I'll give you the customers.


Rave Review For Your Product

Marketing, marketing, marketing... I get it. And I've got the know-how to craft reviews that get your product into their carts.

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Direct mail

Print is not dead, and not all junk mail is junk. Your ideal customer wants to hear from you. Whether it’s a long-form sales letter or a simple postcard, I’ll deliver a message that doesn’t end up in the trash can as soon as it’s out of the mailbox.


Mail They Won't Toss

I'm a believer in good, old-fashioned paper and ink. When potential clients receive this skillfully crafted mailing, they'll take a second look. They can't not.

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