Sam Searles

Journalist, Blogger, Entertainment writer.

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The wonderful thing about copywriting is that it can mean just about anything. Headlines? Landing pages? List of reasons why "Firefly" should've been on TV longer? I've got you covered! 


Basic Copywriting

Anything up to 800 words!

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If you need an article written about something niche, I'm your person. History of Russia? Fascinating. Best foods for college students on a budget? I'd also love to know. List of reasons why "Veronica Mars" should've been on TV longer? Done! 


Blogging (Lifestyle, Humor)

Whether it's a curated list of items or analyzing a meme, I can do this!

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Social media

While I can't say I particularly love every social media platform out there (looking at you, Snapchat!) I *can* say that I understand them. Let me help you write copy that will pop across platforms!


Social Media Writing

Graphics, posts, and more! Every image can be resized for various platforms as long as you send me the dimensions.

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Long before I became a Journalist, I was an actress. I still am, actually, but the writing thing is paying most of the bills! Let me help you captivate your audience for a commercial, a training video, a class, or more! 


Script Writing

My degree is in Journalism with a Broadcast concentration, but I'm also a semi-professional actress. I know how to write a script for both the audience and the creator; let me help you!

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If you're launching a new product, introducing a new person, or making your way out of a less-than-ideal situation, I can help! With years of reading press releases to write news stories under my belt, I can help you be concise, clear, and captivating. 


Press Releases

As a Journalist, I understand what makes a good press release and I will make sure that all information I get is fact-checked multiple times.

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