Mysti Gayle

Writer of creative fiction with a passion for the macabre. Photographer with a love for the outdoors.

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Blog posts

People search for blog posts to read about products, books, or social issues. I will use my love of research and writing to come up with your next informative blog post.


Blog Writing

You have an idea for a blog post, but don't necessarily know where to begin. I will use my research skills to assist you in putting your idea onto your blog to share with your audience. Price shown is for 1000 word blog post.

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Blog posts


Blog Writing & Research

You have an idea for a post about one of your favorite subjects but you don't have a lot of time to spare. I will use my love of research and learning to help you find sources to help you draft and edit a post that is entertaining and informative. Price is per 1000 words.

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Do you have trouble placing commas where they belong? Did you always come in dead last at every annual spelling bee and your misspellings have made their way into your work? No judgement here! I will put punctuation where it needs to be and correct your spelling to make your writing clearer. Proof Pricing by Job Type: Blog Posts: $50 (only proofing; for full editing check out my Blog Post service) Screenplays: price depending on length (Final Draft only) Manuscripts: price depending on length (Word, Google Doc, or Scrivener)

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Proofreading and editing of your documents before publishing


Copy Editing

Do you need assistance in revising your e-book, white paper, or manuscript? I will use my expertise in grammar to proofread and edit your work. English language only, at this time. Price is per hour.

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Clear and concise emails for your company and clients



We write emails every day but sometimes making them sound professional can be a challenge. I spent years in corporate settings writing professional emails and memos, and I will use my skills to assist you.

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