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Gun Control

My procrastination built, as I focus on the biggest topic of my research information gun control. I never in my life, ever. Had a weapon before. But that didn't mean harm was new to me. I then began to realize the opportunity of losing. When every man, upon this world of humane, could be toting a weapon; a shotgun, a pistol, a tool. Reflecting on the language that I over heard a few men carry on over "real." The whole objective to the black man was control. As many woman amongst myself could view it. But of course that was not the way to think. A strong man with different views, ignorant to his own powerful fate, handling a deadly device for killing and profanity. I was scared for he held his head high. I know this , we had just touch bases before I laid eyes on his hidden weapon. Upset, I wondered, was that what I had wanted out of this, I was hoping for a friendship, in a grown man. Urban or Cream, wasn't fitting with me. But that's just the beginning for the discussion or why I chose a topic to research as Gun Control. Clearly I was aware that I was able to clear a room I showed no worries as we conversed like dating off subject. Guns! I wanted to do something, I came up with this masterplan to defeat the fact that I was bothered by this or his own weapon. I noticed my self walking into his personal corners. But, of course not I wasn't under the influence neither was he thinking to attack or pull the gun to me, at gun point. No! That was what we had past tense avoided. He was a learning leader like a father to love, not traits of relationship. But amongst the eyes, he was the one for me. I hope, he never thought of that weapon. For the most of it, when I seen the weapon it wasn't worth marriage. Of course he was still the reason, or did I think he played a game with big toys. Not for the record. I needed no more at that point. Observably I hadn't even given my number yet. But we where from the same neck of the woods (Community). The history of guns, really is established for my auditions of this informative lecture, and me to understand that the need for guns, is phenomenal. It's good praying words for the urban culture when you are slovenly humble. But as I read a great man once told me, "there are children watching." one day they will write the rode of their own piece and want to live the life that we provoked with weapons. Analysis scores on the factors related to permit and licenses for gun ownership and use and to training programs for gun owners were not associated with grade, sex, or location of the school (Carcilli and Lester 1998) There is nothing else left to tell, when it comes to power. The results are priced. To take someone's else life with your own bare hands at your own will. Is still the reason gun laws should be banned. But from the community I myself preferably the slums the projects the ghetto the hoods. As well as every grave yard around the richest estate of every white culture, as is prospective living. We as individuals under the life of God need to consider... "Remember if we can't take a life, then maybe it is worth taken. Precisely that belong to you. For money is the power for what we should trust in. For figuring the finer things that can defeat the lowest things that are meaningful. As happiness is still a better man in blood. References Tyan John Barry; Andrews, Talbot M; Goodwin, Tracy; Krupnikov, Yanna; 8 July 2020; When Trust Matters: The Case of Gun Control; Vol 44 Issue 2p. 725-748 Alice Carcilli and David lester 8 June 1998; Attitudes Towards Gun Control in Urban and Surbanban Youth; The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey; Psychological Reports

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