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draft and finalize documents

Do you need help writing something? If you let me know what subject or topics you need, I can do the necessary research to make your document sound as powerful and knowledgeable to help you achieve your goals. You are the deciding factor as far as final approval and how the project looks overall. You are in control! 


Do you have something hand-written that you would like typed up, but you don't have the time or experience to do so quickly? This is where I come in. $5 per page or


Do you have a recording of some sort of media that you would like a transcription of? I can work with video recordings and sound recordings to get what you need to be written on paper. 


Do you need your document as a whole checked for flow, clarity, and sentence structure? I can make recommendations on how to improve the overall readability of a document (while also checking for grammar and spelling mistakes).  


Do you need your document to be read word for word and make sure there are no spelling or grammar issues? I have great attention to detail and can spot those spelling errors, typos, and any grammatical mistakes quickly. 


Need help coming up with an idea or a topic to write about? Or do you need a jump start on how to get started? 


Do you need a second opinion about something? Would you like to meet regularly to discuss your current project? 


Is there anything else that I can help you with? Based on what your needs are, I can offer prices that work best for you in order to be more cost effective.

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