Jasmine Mattey

Voracious Bibliophage, Freelance Writer, Editor, & Social Media Coordinator

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Social media

30% of the time your customers are online, they’re liking, retweeting, snapping, and commenting. But reaching customers on social media is nothing like running ads or sending emails. I’ll develop an engaging social media presence with copy that connects with your customers where they already are.


Content Creation

$75 for 5 Social Media Posts Includes photographs, edits, and captions that fit your brand's unique content and voice. If you already have the content and just need captions, or if you need to hire someone to run your social media while you're on vacation, I am open to creating a custom service. Just reach out to me!

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Blog posts

Your brand needs to be seen as a subject matter expert in your category. My job is to make perception reality. I’ll do the research to understand your customers and their problems, delivering engaging blog posts that position you as the expert—and your product as their next logical purchase.


Blog Post

I will research and craft a clear, concise blog post catered to your audience. I can turn around a completed post of 1500 words for $250 and am open to discussing other inquiries! If you already have a topic that needs to be written or you're looking for some article pitches, I'm open to communication! I am experienced in writing content for all kinds of blogs, from book reviews and critiques to recipes and cooking how-tos, and even DIY, gardening, and home improvement articles. I'd love to chat about your blog, website, or marketplace and what I can offer to elevate your reader's or consumer's experience.

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