David Morton Rintoul

"Write to express, not to impress."   Mina Qarabaghi

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 Increasingly, today's customers respond to value propositions presented in content marketing stories. I’ll work with you to understand your sales goals, messaging objectives and the needs of your customers. I have a lifetime of experience helping clients achieve their goals.

Web copy

The lifespan of today's website is about two years. Keeping your web content fresh might mean a complete rewrite or revising cornerstone copy. Some posts may need to be timeless, while others support current topics or one-time events. You may need to add to your existing site as your business grows. Whatever your needs, I’ll work with you to understand customer expectations, your firm's product, and your brand's identity. I'll deliver content to support your goals and make sure your site remains engaging, compelling, and above all, profitable.

Blog posts

Today's customers look to influencers to guide their buying decisions. Brands need to demonstrate their subject matter expertise to their customer base through long-form content. My role is to do the research legwork and deliver that expertise so you can focus on daily demands.  I'll put my decades of well-honed research skills to work for you. I'll find out more about your customers' interests and supply you with compelling blog posts that position your organization as the authority in your space—and your brand as the product of choice.

Social media

Customers today spend about 30% of their day online. That entails liking posts,  retweeting and staying in touch with their networks in the job market. Getting the attention of social media users demands a fresh approach. It's not the same as advertising via print or radio ads or promotions based on email lists. I can help you build an engaging social media presence by crafting posts that appeal to your customers on all the platforms they frequent.

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