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Courtney Rundell has written for multiple publications, including WebMD, HealthyPlace and WEGO Health. She picked up the creative pen at nine, but she started writing about mental health when she was in the throes of four impossible years of postpartum mental illness. Even while being incredibly ill, she still had the power to help others. She was hospitalized twice in 2014 and after undergoing a non-invasive brain procedure, she slowly got her life back. She stopped blogging and started doing stand-up comedy. She was still writing, but now was writing jokes. It shifted her perspective to what was funny rather than what was wrong. Three years later, her life came to another screeching halt. Courtney became so sick she could barely walk. At 45, she was diagnosed with late-stage neurological Lyme disease which she contracted as an infant. She was bedbound for several months, in a wheelchair at one point and had tremors and involuntary movements that were so dramatic her family feared she had Parkinson’s. And in that space of misery the answer again became so clear to Courtney – write your truth. She started blogging and vlogging about her wild ride attempting to heal from both mental illness and Lyme disease. 

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