Ramon Antonio Matta

Mental Health & Addiction Content Creator

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Express 4-hour Delivery Optional service level for expedited delivery of select products. Not available for any request over 2,000 words or on content requiring a considerable amount of research. This service is an additional fee added to the original product price.


Journalistic-style Content Writing Whether you need articles for digital publishing or print media, I thoroughly research and write content that is informative, engaging and entertaining, as a true wordsmith of the English language. I’ll work with you to understand the goals of your content marketing campaign and speak to the needs of your customers by providing relevant information and practical solutions. Together, we’ll make your next project a success and establish your brand as an industry expert and authority.

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting Looking to dominate the SERPS in your category? I’ll deliver SEO optimized copy that will send you to the top of the results. Whether you already have an SEO strategy or are starting from scratch, I’ll partner with you to ensure your next great customer is a Google search away.

Blog posts

Blog Posts Your brand needs to be seen as a subject matter expert in your industry. My job is to make perception a reality. Along with your pre-defined customer profiles and direct identification of your message or intent, I’ll investigate your target audience and do the research to understand their problems and questions to deliver engaging blog posts that position you as the expert on a matter. Awareness of your brand will increase, giving you the leverage and trust you need to influence readers and become their logical choice for information and solutions.


Ebooks & Whitepapers You’d never ask someone to marry you on the first date. Commitment takes time. That’s why free resources are so effective for lead generation and nurturing relationships with existing or potential customers. I’ll do the research to write a compelling resource you can give away for free—if you want—so you can convince your customers to take the next step or draw them in closer by being a wealth of knowledge, insight and expertise.


Website Copy & Landing Pages Maybe you need to hit refresh on your whole site. Or maybe there are just a few pages that need a tuneup. Regardless, I’ll work with you to understand your customers, your product, and what makes your brand unique. Then I’ll deliver copy that makes your site professional, compelling, and profitable. I can also write for landing pages that makes your future customer want to stick around, engage and take action.

Press releases

Press Releases If you want to get noticed, you need to do something notable. Whether you’re launching a new product, shaking up the C-suite, or making a major brand pivot, I’ll craft a press release that will make the media pay attention.

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